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The Royal Family of Genoa City


Victor Newman- the man who "owns" Genoa City, so to speak! His apperence in Genoa City in 1980, marked the begining of his phenominal assent to power. He amassed a fourtune that we now as Newman Enterprises. He has fought head over heels for his company, as his arch nemisses Jack Abbott has tried to take it away from him on many occations, and once did! That was not the only thing he took away from Victor, he once even stole the lovly Nikki Newman from him! Many say that, no matter how bad things get, Victor and Nikki are meant to be. On many occations they did reunite, but have been married twice, once in 1984(known as the fairytale wedding)and once in 199?(can't remember the exact date). Victor and Nikki share two children, Victoria and Nicolas Newman.


She started of as a promiscuous teen, and ran into many walls that she eventually conquered. Nicole Reed Newman is a strong and indepentent woman, and has fought through thick and thin to get where she is today. Now an exceutive at Jabot Cosmetics, Nikki has set up herself again for heartbreak. Not only from her daughter Victoria , but also the man she is should to be with, Victor. Nikki has been with her share of men over the last twenty years or so. They have ranged from prince charmings, to crazed pysco killers, who even tried to murder her!

Victoria Newman- the glue that keeps the newman family from falling into pieaces. Victoria has made leaps and bounds to keep her parents together over the years and the family, but recently has given up because of her mother's actions! Victoria has been on an emotional roller- coaster over the past few months, and her mothers job at Jabot has not made things easier. Professtionally, Victoria has gained the cosmetic area of Newman Enterprises. She has posed as a model for BRASH & SASSY and made Jabot fall to their knees with all the debt they had ,because her company. This led to the stalker sitiuation. Victoria made a new "friend" Gary,who was working with her in advertising her products. Little did she know that Gary was a psyco-path that was infatuated with her and then later kidnapped her! Victoria then escaped by the help of her brother , Nick, and Paul Williams , a good friend to the family and detective of the stalker sitiuation.



Nick Newman, a simple man with dreams. Nick is just like a young Victor Newman, but he can't seem to make his father see that he has dreams and asperations, to start his own bussiness. Nick is married to Sharon Collins Newman, and has two children. A son who is biologically his, Noah Newman, and a adopted daughter Cassy Newman, which they had a messy trial over in 1998.


Other Actors that have Portrayed these Roles...

Victor Newman/Eric Braden/1980-....
Nikki Reed Newman/ Erica Hope /1978-1979
Melody Thomas Scott/1979-....
Victoria Newman/ Ashley Nicole Millan/1982-1991
Heather Tom /1991-1997
Sarah Adrich /1997-1997
Heather Tom /1997-....
Nicholas Newman/Griffen Ledner /1990-1991
John Nelson-Alden/1991-1994
Joshua Morrow /1994-....
Sharon Newman/Monica Potter /1994
Heidi Mark /1994
Sharon Case /1994-....
Cassie Newman/Camryn Grimes/1997-....